Business Impact Analysis

Our approach to Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

A business impact analysis (BIA) is a systematic method to evaluate the possible and probable effects of an interruption to normal organisational operations. BIA’s are used to determine, assess and evaluate the potential impacts of disruption or stoppage of critical services, functions and processes of the organisation due to a disaster, accident, emergency or interruption in the supply chain.

Our BIA Reporting

Well developed BIA’s are a crucial component of your organisation’s business continuance plan. It should explore and reveal any vulnerabilities, and a planning component to develop strategies for minimising risk resulting from a disruption in service. 

The result is a business impact analysis report, which describes the potential risks specific to the organisation.

Our BIA Workshops

Unearth Risk provides facilitated workshops to assist your organisation in developing your BIA by identifying and developing a set of outcomes to:

  • Explain the process and functions of business continuity planning within their organisation, and how staff contribution, at all levels, impacts on a successful planning.
  • Identifying your organisation critical functions. Functions, that if disrupted, would cause significant impact your organisation’s ability to deliver services and impact your reputation.
  • Determine the time taken to recover, the resources required and model scenarios inform the development of your Business Continuity Framework.

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